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CodeSatStream Class Reference

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struct  ItemChecker

Public Member Functions

virtual const BlockDefectAnalyzeranalyzeBlock (const char *block, ConfigurationModel *p_model)
void analyzeBlocks ()
< SatChecker::AssignmentMap
blockCoverage (ConfigurationModel *, MissingSet &)
 Check for configuration coverage.
const std::set< std::string > & Blocks () const
 CodeSatStream (std::istream &ifs, const CloudContainer &cloudContainer, BlockCloud *blockCloud, bool batch_mode=false, bool loadModels=false)
bool dumpRuntimes ()
const std::set< std::string > & FreeItems () const
std::string getCodeConstraints ()
const std::string & getFilename () const
std::string getKconfigConstraints (const ConfigurationModel *, MissingSet &)
std::string getLine (const char *block) const
const char * getParent (const char *block)
 Look up the enclosing block, if any.
const std::set< std::string > & Items () const
std::string positionToBlock (std::string)

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned int getFailedBocks ()
static unsigned int getProcessedBlocks ()
static unsigned int getProcessedItems ()
static unsigned int getProcessedUnits ()

Public Attributes

RuntimeTable runtimes

Protected Attributes

const bool _batch_mode
std::set< std::string > _blocks
const CloudContainer_cloudContainer
const ItemChecker _defineChecker
bool _doCrossCheck
std::string _filename
std::set< std::string > _free_items
std::istream & _istream
std::set< std::string > _items
std::stringstream codeConstraints
std::stringstream kconfigConstraints
std::stringstream missingItemsConstraints
const ParentMap parents

Static Protected Attributes

static unsigned int failed_blocks
static unsigned int processed_blocks
static unsigned int processed_items
static unsigned int processed_units

Detailed Description

Definition at line 68 of file CodeSatStream.h.

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