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ModelContainer Class Reference

Container that maps ConfigurationModel classes to its architectures. More...

#include <ModelContainer.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static ModelContainergetInstance ()
static const char * getMainModel ()
 returns the main model as string or NULL, if not set
static ConfigurationModelloadModels (std::string modeldir)
 load models from the given directory
static const char * lookupArch (const ConfigurationModel *model)
static ConfigurationModellookupMainModel ()
static ConfigurationModellookupModel (const char *arch)
static void setMainModel (std::string)

Private Member Functions

ConfigurationModelregisterModelFile (std::string filename, std::string arch)

Private Attributes

std::string main_model

Detailed Description

Container that maps ConfigurationModel classes to its architectures.

This class is basically a singleton that derives from std::map<std::string, ConfigurationModel*>. It provides a few convenience methods for model loading and lookups.

Definition at line 39 of file ModelContainer.h.

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