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BlockDefectAnalyzer Struct Reference

Base Class of all Kind of Configuration Defects. More...

#include <BlockDefectAnalyzer.h>

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Public Types

enum  DEFECTTYPE { None, Implementation, Configuration, Referential }

Public Member Functions

virtual void defectIsGlobal ()
 mark defect als valid on all models
virtual int defectType () const
const std::string defectTypeToString () const
 human readable identifier for the defect type
std::string getBlockPrecondition (const ConfigurationModel *model) const
virtual std::list< std::string > getOKList ()
const std::string getSuffix () const
virtual bool isDefect (const ConfigurationModel *model)=0
 checks for a defect
virtual bool isGlobal () const =0
 checks if the defect applies to all models
virtual void markOk (const std::string &arch)
virtual bool needsCrosscheck () const =0
 defect will be present on every model
virtual bool writeReportToFile () const =0
 Write out a report to a file.

Protected Member Functions

 BlockDefectAnalyzer (int defecttype)

Protected Attributes

const char * _block
int _defectType
bool _isGlobal
std::list< std::string > _OKList
 List of architectures on which this is proved to be OK.
const char * _suffix

Detailed Description

Base Class of all Kind of Configuration Defects.

A BlockDefectAnalyzer checks a CodeSatStream for configuration defects. The known configuration defects are listed in the enum DEFECTTYPE. It provides facilities to test a given block number for a defect and report its results.

Definition at line 37 of file BlockDefectAnalyzer.h.

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